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Audio Engineering Career – Is It Worth It?

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For those who want to enter the door to a career in audio engineering, you’ll find that getting your feet to the door would be a good way of life for yourself or your family if you have any possibility of success working as independent in the industry of recording. Your mindset must be to believe in yourself that you’re the one who make things happen. You need to be an entrepreneur.

If you think that you only engineer, you are already a bit out of the game. If you own good gear, it will help you a lot, most particularly if you can play some instruments. If you are out there in terms of your ability and you know some bands and artists and can get them to hire you, it’s also another plus. If you know how to produce, it is another feather in your career in audio engineering.

Be ready to work with some small bands because you will do this for a particular period of time until you will be noticed by other clients. Never underestimate the power of small bands to be just the people who save you during your slow month.

The best scenario is investing in several tools and start providing services for free if it’s necessary from the start. You should also talk your way into a great studio and work there for free or for what they could give you. Be active on your marketing and business. Search for clients, clubs, and bars that have contacts to bands and any business who might need your service. You’ll find that if everything would work out, you’ll be in the position to provide various sets of services to the clients with various budgets.

Never expect the studio to hand you some work. Part of earning is finding session work. If you have a small system, you can take them to your own place. However, if you are dealing with big clients, having a great studio can make a difference.

Engineering is there with modeling as far as some guarantees for real career. You should be ready for lean times because they’ll come. You must be prepared that it will take most of your time that you won’t have time with your own personal life.

If you are young and you have the chance to go for real bachelor’s degree, then do it. Chances are, you will be broke, yet it will pay off once you graduated. Having a career in audio engineering is definitely a great experience and will surely make your dreams come true. However, like everything else, you have to be passionate with what you do because the road to success isn’t easy. There will be bad times and good days. But, just remember that as long as you love what you are doing and you are enjoying every second of it, all your challenges will be just a piece of cake to you, especially if you really want to be an audio engineer.