The word ‘Level’ is actually another word used for volume. The volume of the sound is absolutely important in the sense that your sounds actually sound. It’s important as it enables you to assess your track. Too much or too little volume could hamper the quality of your piece. Thus an optimum level of sound has to be selected in this regard.


Panning actually corresponds to the locality of your stereo spectrum. It tea particles you exactly where your spectrum stands at a particular stage. Besides settling levels, there are no other outstanding rules for panning.


Compression is actually a lot of complex tasks as compared to the others which are described above. In fact, it far too difficult to go into a deep explanation here. A simple brief outline of what it’s all about is that it is a way of removing a few of the dynamics from a piece part. You can make some parts of the tracks much louder than before. Nowadays, compression in tracks is pretty common because it gives us the opportunity for adjusting the volume around.


By EQ, we mean that the frequency of your tracks is adjusted. This is important as this gives you the opportunity for modifying your soundtracks. Also that fact that some of one tone doesn’t seem to mingle with one another. EQ is an adherent combination of both art and science and hence can t be explained here to an effect.

There is a thing about researching for music composing software. It’s important that you understand and learn the trade and tricks of the music composing software. This will enable you to define your way and ease it into the software mode. Also, the fact that they learn the software from scratch is important as it gives the all-important way of doing things. The fact of the matter is that it gives you an opportunity to assess the software from the start and carry the learning process. Hence learning the art of music mixing is absolute fun and exciting.